Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So close...

Spring feels so close.
These gray skies are starting to let way to the sun
and I am one happy girl! Below are two things
that feel spring-y to me. Every girl should indulge in
these two splurges this sunny season:

1. Good sheets. There is nothing like waking up in the morning
while being surrounded in soft silky sheets
and the sun making your room glow.
This is probably one of those little joys in my
life I cannot get enough of. The sheets
above are currently on my wish list.
They are the Crystal Lattice Sheets at Anthropologie.

2. A flirty spring dress.I've already bought two this season.
I tend tonot look good in yellow (I'm unnaturally pale)
but if I did,this dress would be a must-have! Isn't it adorable?
Its the Place in the sun dress from Modcloth.

And the third thing that should be on your want list
is a lovely nature water color painting like the one above.
It was done by amberalexander.

Have a beautiful (and hopefully sunny) Wednesday!